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Courses / advanced training


2019 Inge Louve, "My exhibition - how do you do that?", Boesner Unterentfelden

2019 Marion de Jong, "Course Drawing 1", Dutch Art Academy Online

2018 Marion de Jong, "Basics of Drawing Course", Dutch Art Academy Online

2018 Ursi Lysser, Encaustic, Lotzwil

2017 Jens Hübner, "The Art of Omission", Boesner Unterentfelden

2012 Georges Wenger, "Pastel is more than painting", Boesner Unterentfelden

2011 Eckart Funk, "Sketching / Watercolors", Killwangen


2022 Temporary exhibition Sea of Flowers Brugg

2022 May 15 warm wax pictures Bossartschüür  Windisch "Small but fine"

2021 Changing exhibition in the sea of flowers Brugg 

2021 13 &14 June   Brugg  " Small but nice"   hot wax pictures

2020 November  Wachsbilder Bossartschüür Windisch  CANCELLED Corona

2020 April  Wachsbilder Bossartschüür Windisch  CANCELLED Corona

2013 Pastel paintings Restaurant Hope Baden

Marlis Hotz

Näheres zur Enkaustik unter

short biography

I, Marlis Hotz, saw the light of day on a farm in the Zurich Oberland in 1966 as the eldest of four children der World.

I remember well the day my godfather gave me my first easel and oil paints. When I was 11, I began to paint with passion every free minute between work and school. My drawings were the only thing that excited my middle school teacher.

I remember just as well the day when a high school teacher insulted me after a meeting with parents and said that I shouldn't be imagining anything about painting. I was so humiliated that I destroyed all my work, punched through the canvas and vowed never to touch a brush again.

Soon after, my parents got divorced and I had to move to the city. The only thing that gave me security until now was nature. I was paralyzed. There was no money either, so I had to bury my desire to go to art school. A few difficult years followed before peace returned to my life.

I got married in 1991, had three children and brought my job home as a trained housekeeper. My husband and I opened our home to adults,  young people in difficult life situations and also four foster children. 

I lived my creativity out in such a way that I tried out a lot, but never stayed with anything for long. Thanks to the children, I got my hands on brushes again.

In 2002 I attended the first painting course and started to paint with pastels. Other techniques came later. With the help of books and the Internet, I tried out various techniques in self-study and also bought oil paints again - always looking for my own technique. I have also attended a number of courses over the years. The most intensive and instructive was certainly the one with the Dutch artist Marion De Jong. 

In 2017, at a Boesner event, I saw a picture in which beeswax was worked into one spot at the end. Fascinated by this, I melted a beeswax candle at home and drew on a picture with it. I was enthusiastic about researching on the internet and then I came across various wax crayons and, as a result, encaustic. From that moment on I knew that this was my technique and that I could incorporate everything I had learned so far into encaustic._cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

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